How’s it at the new home

The children have settled in nicely after about a month from moving into the new house. Many adjustments had to be made to prepare the home in accordance with the regulatory bodies governing homes for children. Apart from making sure the house was clean and had enough beds to accommodate 40 children, an emergency fire escape ladder had to be installed on this 2-and-a-half storey bungalow. 

Diana makes sure the childrens’ achievements are given recognition, so she cleverly utilised this feature at the main entrance of the house to showcase all the awards won by the children.  

There are less girls than boys so the girls have to fit into the smaller of the bedrooms. The room comes with its own little balcony and attached bathroom. However, the house does not come with built-in cabinets so the children still need to store their personal belongings in storage boxes.  
The boys take up two-third of the 40 so they are parked in an extra large room which also comes with its own balcony and attached bathroom.  

 This is a dedicated playroom where play therapy is conducted. All the toys and equipment for therapy are stored here. The children have a structured playtime so that they are able to focus on their studies better.  

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