Storytelling time at The Story Book

Storytelling time at The Story BookHere at the home, emphasis is given to learning opportunities and opportunities for growth. These opportunities don’t just come in the form of tuition but in fun activities. An example of this is a storytelling session tha


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Meaningful lessons from Havan

Meaningful lessons from HavanSeveral children at the home benefitted in different ways from the charitable efforts of Hany and Ivan – founders of Havan Clothing. The kids learned about EQ from Hany while they received a beginner’s practicum on entrepren


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How’s it at the new home

How’s it at the new home The children have settled in nicely after about a month from moving into the new house. Many adjustments had to be made to prepare the home in accordance with the regulatory bodies governing homes for children. Apart fro


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Hailey’s Heart of Gold

Hailey’s Heart of GoldInspiration can come from anywhere, from anyone no matter what age or creed. This story is about Hailey Fort, a 12-year-old American girl who started her philanthropist efforts five years ago. At such a young age, she ha


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We are moving!!!

We are moving!!!Having started our operations on 10 March 2014 (49 months ago) at Jalan Cempedak, Sentul we thought we would be at this place for quite some time. However, as time goes by we realised that it can no longer cater to our n


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